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About Wilma: I began a Shaklee business in 1995 shortly after my first child was born. I had experienced the health benefits of Shaklee products growing up in a Shaklee home and wanted to pass on that gift of optimal health to my children.

I watched my mom, Annie, start a successful career in Shaklee in 1977 which enabled her to live a healthier life, and make a positive and long-lasting impact on others as a successful health coach and business mentor. As I got older this inspired me to learn more about taking charge of my own health and helping others do the same. I have a Nutrition Consultant's Certificate and am a business leader in Shaklee. 

In 2012 I met Brian, who suffers from severe osteoarthritis and has a metal shoulder replacement. He has experienced a significant health transformation after adding several Shaklee nutrition products. He increased his energy, decreased his pain levels, got off of 2 types of morphine and was able to get back into riding a motorcycle. Shaklee products can't fix his metal shoulder, or completely cure him, but they have given him a healthier, richer quality of life. 

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Sadly, on June 11th, 2017, Annie passed away. She is pictured here with here my Dad. We would like to remember Mom as the wonderful coach and mentor she was for 40 years, and are thankful for the legacy she left us of helping others and making a difference. 

Mom was such a giving person and part of her legacy and the reason she worked passionately on her Shaklee business was so she could give to others. She helped many people with their health, and she also gave to organizations, sponsored children and families, and supported charities. 

In honour of Mom and to carry on her legacy, we have committed to donating 10% of our monthly Shaklee income from our joint business to charity. Currently we are supporting Mission Without Borders, which was supported by Mom for many years, and close to her heart. We also like to support the Starfish backpack program and Ruth and Naomi's Mission